Friday, 18 August 2017

Government Employees for Rent to own

Government Employees for Rent to own Scheme
paper IAS Syllabus is the guiding force behind the IAS Preparation. It is the IAS Syllabus which carve out the scope of IAS Preparation and hence chalk out the right path and strategy for the IAS Exam preparation. IAS syllabus needs to be fully covered to ensure the selection in the IAS Exam.

IAS Syllabus needs to be deciphered from the socio- economic perspective required for the IAS Exam. This socio- economice perspective is very helpful in unocking the hidden meanings of the topics given in the IAS Syllabus.
The IAS Notification also mention about the socio-economic topics in the IAS Main Syllabus because in society nothing exist in the isolation. every economic action has the social consequences and all the social consequesnces have the economic impact.
IAS Syllabus for IAS Prelims 2017
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